Rallying around Bobby Orr

One of the things that I loved doing as a kid in the 70’s was to play street hockey. Pretty much everyday in the fall and winter I would get home from school, change my clothes and head outside with my stick and a tennis ball. The only equipment that was needed was usually for the goalie. A set of Mylar pads, a glove and a chest protector was all that was needed.

During this time Bobby Orr was the biggest hockey star in the world and had many endorsement deals. Therefore it made sense that he would have his own line of hockey equipment.

This weeks post is all about some of that equipment, both for ice and street hockey, that was made by Rally.

Let’s start with some skates.

Orr skates 1

These are a basic pair of black skates. However, they also came in different colors. Here’s a pair of yellow skates.

Orr skates 2

I believe that they also came in blue and brown. Not sure as to why all the different colors, except maybe the company thought colorful skates would appeal to more kids.

Rally also covered their bases in case you didn’t play hockey.

Orr roller skates

Here is a pair of roller skates that I imagine kids wore when playing street hockey. I personally just wore sneakers, but it would have been interesting playing with these on.

Now let’s look at some equipment.

Orr Pads

Orr gloves

Orr helmut

Here we have some shin pads, gloves and a helmet. The pads and gloves look pretty ancient when compared to the equipment that is used today. The helmet, which is a kids size, looks like it offers hardly any protection at all. A kid would never be allowed to wear that today, especially with the opening at the top. It would be considered too dangerous.

Moving on, here are some street hockey items.

Orr ball

This is a street hockey ball still in its original packaging. Like the skates, it came in different colors. Besides the ball, Rally also made a more standard hockey puck to be used on the street.

Of course, you can’t play hockey without a stick.

Orr stick 1

Here we have  the Bobby Orr Rally street hockey stick. The shaft of the stick is just wood but the blade is made of polyurethane and attaches to the shaft by a screw. I have heard that there are 4 different colored blades for the stick. Besides white and blue, there is black and red blades also. The white and black blades are the most common.  

Orr stick 2

Orr stick 3

Other hockey and street hockey items that Rally sold with Orr’s name on it include hockey tape, should pads and hockey pant suspenders among other things.

Thanks for reading this weeks post about Bobby Orr Rally equipment. Check back in next week for more of Orr.

50 Responses to “Rallying around Bobby Orr”

  1. The Goog says:

    Ooo, those black and yellow skates are snazzy!

    Man, I remember skates with metal wheels, they sure were loud, no chance of sneaking up on someone with those things.

  2. Gary says:

    You would be stylin’ in those skates next year when I rent ice The Goog.

  3. Scifinds says:

    I didn’t realize you had these… pretty cool. I particularly like the helmet… oops I mean ‘helmut’ :D

  4. Gary says:

    Thanks Dave. It’s been corrected.

  5. the other sasquatch says:

    hey, do you have those skates?

  6. Rebecca says:

    do you know what the sticks are worth? I have two of them.

  7. Gary says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks for reading and for the question. I’ve seen them sell for between $25 and $50. You just have to find the right buyer. Thanks again!

  8. Tim Sampson says:

    I recently purchased a Bobby Orr rally stick that matches the shaft on your street hockey sticks but it has a wooden blade. It is about 37″ in length. I can’t find any online. Do you know anything about these?

  9. Gary says:

    Hey Tim thanks for reading and the comment! I have the same stick with the wooden blade. I’m not 100% certain, but I believe they were sold as actual sticks that kids could use on the ice. I had a similar Phil Esposito endorsed stick with the wooden blade that I used playing hockey when I was a kid.

  10. Joe Landry says:

    Gary you have a great site. I noticed a kids Rally sweatshirt in a frame, just as my 10 year old son walked into the room wearing his. My mom bought them for me and my brothers in the 70’s. I still have 1 still in a bag never worn any idea what the value would be my kids love them so I assume they will never get rid of them I was jus just curious. Once again I love your site we are a Bruins family all the way!

  11. Gary says:

    Thanks Joe! A dealer would probably sell a mint never worn sweatshirt for between $50 – $100. Is it just a plain shopping bag or is it sealed directly from Rally. If from Rally then the price would jump a bit. Thanks again for reading and Go Bruins!

  12. Christina says:

    My dad has a pair of Gold and Black Bobby Orr Rally Skates they are worn, he was wondering how much they could be worth.

  13. Christina says:

    Correction-They are the yellow and back

  14. Gary says:

    Hi Christina. You see those particular skates listed on Ebay every now and then. If they sell it’s usually for between $20 and $50. That also depends on if you still have the original box or not.

  15. Dan says:

    Hey! just admiring your collection and noticed your Shin Pads. I have a similar pair. they have the black shin but not the yellow knee cap, it is white instead. not brand new and have a little wear. just curious if you have a clue on a price for something like this. Thanks!!

  16. Gary says:

    Hey Dan thanks for the comment and reading! I’ve seen them listed on Ebay for anywhere between $10 and $75. I think around $20 to $30 is reasonable for them. If they were still in the bag then they’d go for more.

  17. Mike says:

    His any of you`re Bobby Orr stuff for sale.

    Thank you Mike

  18. Gary says:

    Hi Mike,
    Sorry, but none of my collection is for sale. I’m strictly a collector and have no plans to sell anything. If you’re looking for specific Orr items let me know and I’ll see if I can help you find them.

  19. Andrew says:


    Very nice collection. I am also an avid sports collector an just recently came across a Bobby Orr white blade rally stick (just like the one in your picture), an decided to purchase it. I thought it was autographed by him, but after researching a bit I think it might be a facsimile now. Any information would be much appreciated, along with how much these hockey sticks are possibly worth as well. Thank you.

  20. Gary says:

    Thanks Andrew. All these sticks have a facsimile autograph. I see the white blade stick more often than the others. I seem to remember paying around $25 for mine, although I’ve seen them at sports card shows where dealers were asking $50 to $75 for them. Thanks again for the comment and reading my blog.

  21. Pascal Vallee says:

    What happen to the rally company…do you know when they closed….ty

  22. Gary says:

    Hi Pascal. I’m really not sure. If I had to guess I would say sometime in the 1980’s.

  23. http://southjersey.craigslist.org/clt/4514084203.html

    These are my Bobby Orr signed skates. Can you tell me their value or if you are interested,thanks Cliff

  24. Gary says:

    Hi Cliff. Unfortunately the skates are not signed by Orr. It’s a facsimile signature. There are examples of the same skates on Ebay right now. Still, they look like they are in good condition. I’d value them between $10 and $30.

  25. Doreen says:

    I was wondering what a 43 year old Bobby Orr Hockey stick is worth. It has his signature but name too

  26. Gary says:

    Hi Doreen. If it is a game used stick and not just game issued and is in decent condition than I’d say anywhere from $750 – $1500 dollars.

  27. Dave says:

    I have a pair of Bobby or Ralli skates in excellent condition with original gold signature but also have been personally signed in silver paintby Bobby or authenticated what do you think the value of the skates are

  28. Val says:

    I found white Bobby Orr skates with green trim and a gold facsimile signature.

  29. Gary says:

    Hi Dave. If signed by him I’d say around $100 – $150.

  30. ross says:

    how much is bobby orr roller skate worth new in the box

  31. Gary says:

    Hi Ross. A pair with the box recently sold for $50. I’d say that’s a good barometer for what they are worth.

  32. Peter says:

    Hey I was wondering i have a pair of black rally skates never sharpened or worn still in original box. What would they be worth?


  33. Gary says:

    Hi Peter. Going by what they have sold for on Ebay, I’d say between $25 – $50. Maybe a little more if the box is in really nice shape.

  34. Norm says:

    Hi Gary,

    I am a New England region sports collector and have a question I hope you can answer. I have a Bobby Orr Rally hockey stick(all wood) with a #6 in the middle area and model 1325 stamped as well on opposite side middle area. Its also stamped Canada Pro and looks just like the wooden stick you have shown with Bobby Orr facsimile signatures but all wood with old looking cloth tape on the blade. Anything special? I sincerely appreciate your help, and can send pictures.

    Thank you so much for the expertise,

  35. Terry says:

    Nice collection.I have a pair of NOS bright red and black Orr skates with no box.What would you say they would be worth?

  36. Gary says:

    Hi Terry. The two tone skates seem to see better than the one color. A few sold on Ebay recently for between $25 and $75.

  37. Melanie Przywara says:

    Hello! I recently acquired an extensive collection of hockey memorabilia. I honestly have no desire of selling any of the items, however I have been researching the items for personal knowledge and I just came across a signed (authenticated) Bobby Orr Boston Bruins adult or full size (not the mini) game helmet. A friend of mine who knows more about sports than I do said that this is rare and potentially could be worth some good money. I have been a buyer of all sorts of items for years so I understand an item is worth what you can get for it. But again, I’m not interested in selling, it’s a family collection, I was just hoping SOMEONE could give me some more info?

  38. Gary says:

    Hi Melanie,

    Your collection sounds awesome. Bobby Orr never wore a helmet in a game, so I’m guessing it’s just a regular helmet that you could buy at a sports store. With his signature I’d value it between $150 – $200.

  39. Bobby says:

    I have a pair of the rally bobby Orr skate all black size 3 in the box which is in good condition . I have pics I would like to show you . I was just wonder what they were worth

  40. Gary says:

    Hi Bobby. Between $25 – $75.

  41. i have the puck and the stick signed blue blade whats it worth

  42. what would the blue one be worth signed by bobby orr

  43. the puck also i have signed with the stick whats it worth blue blade

  44. Gary says:

    Hi Abbey,

    A Rally puck and blade signed by Bobby would be worth between $100 – $200 to the right collector.

  45. Kate McCarron says:

    I have Sherbrooke Made in Canada 1132 ice hockey shin pads with a Bobby Orr “signed” tag on the inside of them. Could they be worth any money? It is not the Rally brand. Thank you!

  46. Norm says:

    Hi ; cool collection! I have a pair of the red/blue bobby orr rally skates. The bottom of the skate is stamped n.h.l. Rules committee . They obviously aren’t kids skates but do you know if these ines were actually NHL issued?

  47. Brandon says:

    I know someone with those exact black and yellow skates but they were worn and are signed by bobby orr. I thought it was pretty amazing. I am a detroit fan but its still amazing. How much would something like that go for to a collector?

  48. Gary says:

    Hi Brandon. Signed by Bobby would be around $100

  49. Mike Trottier says:

    I m a big Orr fan and was wondering if any of your items are for sale, thank you.

  50. Gary says:

    Hi Mike. I’m strictly a collector. I don’t sell anything. Sorry.

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