Eating Lunch with Bobby Orr

No, I’ve never had lunch with Bobby Orr. I’d like to, I’d even pay. Maybe someday it will happen.

This weeks post however, still has to do with lunch. More specifically, lunchboxes.

In the mid 1970’s, Aladdin industries in Canada produced three different Bobby Orr lunch boxes that were sold exclusively in Canada. To the best of my knowledge, up until the Orr lunchbox, no single hockey player had ever been depicted on one. There had been hockey lunchboxes, but with generic players pictured. 

 Up first is this simple design.


Nothing more than a simple lunch pail with a sticker of Bobby on it. Rather plain looking, it’s pretty boring to look at, but it still has Orr on it so it’s all good.

The second box is a little more livelier.


This has a nice action shot of Orr as he’s speeding up the ice. They included a generic goalie and a small Canadian flag in the lower left hand corner. Notice that the insert of Orr’s head is the same as the sticker on the previous shown box.

The last lunchbox is my favorite one.


This shows a great depiction of Orr on the attack heading up ice. Listed around Bobby is all the awards he has won and records he has set over his career up to that point.  And that point would be after the ‘73 – ‘74 season, meaning this box came out in the fall of 1974. How do I know this? Well there are a couple of sure signs. The uniform he’s wearing is from the ‘73 – ‘74 season. It has a Bruins 50th anniversary patch on the shoulder. This was only worn during that year. Also, in the list of awards won, the last year he won the Norris Trophy as best defenseman was 1974. Orr won it again in 1975. He also won the scoring title in 1975 and that is also not listed.

As with any lunchbox a thermos should also be included. Here is a few pictures of it.



Again, nothing spectacular, but some nice action poses.

Another thing to note is that all three lunchboxes are made of plastic. No metal here.

These boxes can be found on Ebay from time to time but tend to be pricey. The latter two that I wrote about were listed a few weeks ago as a single lot and sold for $382.77.

As always thanks for reading and see you next week with more Orr goodies.

25 Responses to “Eating Lunch with Bobby Orr”

  1. The Goog says:

    Cool, lunch boxes always make for a fun collectible. Sadly I no longer have any of the boxes I had as a kid.

  2. Scifinds says:

    I never had a lunch box as a kid, neither did any of my friends for that matter. I guess it was just school lunches for us.

    You are big in to the lunchboxes though…

  3. Gary says:

    I didn’t save any of mine either, but it was fun to go back and get them again.

  4. Gary says:

    I love my lunchboxes! I remember bringing lunchboxes to school from kindergarden until the 3rd grade then I switched to the brown paper bag. Everyone always checked out each others lunchbox on the first day of school.

  5. Matt says:

    Please tell me you bring one of these to work with you. That would be amazing.

  6. Gary says:

    Lol Matt. I’ve thought about it and some of my co-workers encouraged me too, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

  7. Rob McNeelands says:

    I still have my Bobby Orr lunch box with thermos. I might start using it again for my lunch…thanks for the info.

  8. Gary says:

    No problem Rob. Thanks for reading!

  9. TC says:

    Regarding the comment ” To the best of my knowledge, up until the Orr lunchbox, no single hockey player had ever been depicted on one. There had been hockey lunchboxes, but with generic players pictured.” …. Orr probably was the secod player to have a lunch box. Eddie Shack had a lunch box, with him in his Leafs uniform, the team he played for up to the end of the 1967 season. FYI



  10. Gary says:

    Thanks for the info TC! I’ve never seen the Shack lunchbox. Now I know to keep an eye out for it.

  11. TC says:

    I have seen only 2 of the Eddie Shack lunchboxes, one of which I have and got Eddie to sign a couple of years ago. He was surprised and pleased to see it.

    It probably dates to around 1966 as it has the phrase “Clear the Track” beside a drawing of Shack, no doubt building on the popularity of the 45 record that was issued in 1966.

    FYI TC

  12. Percy says:

    Are they worth money because I have the bobby orr lunch box and the thermos

  13. Gary says:

    Hey Percy, thanks for reading. You see the lunchboxes pop up on Ebay every now and then and they always seem to go for a decent amount of money. It also depends on what type of condition it is in.

  14. Ray says:

    I still have the “simple design” at the top of this page. I used it at school when he was still playing…

  15. Gary says:

    That’s awesome Ray! I wonder how many kids in Canada had and used his lunchbox.

  16. Korey says:

    Wow. This takes me back. I was just searching favorite toys from the 70’s when it popped in my head to search for images of the Bobby Orr lunch box I hauled to and from kindergarten and Grade 1. Your site came up and, holy crap, there it is. It’s the third one from the top (the one that’s your favorite).

    One day my sister, younger by 1 year and 9 months, drew all over it with a black permanent marker. I was as mad as a 6 year old could get. I’m 43 now and I still think about that lunch box, and the thermos with the anti-tip bottom. Good times.

    Thanks for the memories.

  17. Gary says:

    Thanks for the comment Korey! Glad that I could bring back some memories for you.

  18. Bobby says:

    Again Gary, how much is the standard lunchbox at the top of the page worth with the thermos in average condition?

    The Eddie Shack lunchbox is from the 1970’s, its a plastic design and he has his big mustauch on it.

    There is also a few other lunch boxes with player pictured from the NHLPA Sittler/Dionne etc, plus a Ken Dryden as well, its is a Montreal Canadiens goalie shot with Dryden in net, colours and mask are bang on……I would post a picture but I think Gary would have to do it.

    Its nice to know there are others out there, it helps educate the collectors apart from Bobby Orr even though this is all about Orr….

  19. Gary says:

    The same box and thermos recently sold on Ebay for $200. Honestly I think that’s a little high for it, but I guess that is the going rate. I’ve seen all the other boxes you’ve mentioned except the Eddie Shack one. I just can’t seem to remember that one. I appreciate you reading my blog and all the comments. Not sure if you are the author of The Vintage Hockey Collector, but I have a copy and look through it all the time. Danny, another Orr collector and contributor to this blog first made me aware of it.

  20. Bobby says:

    Yes Gary, that would be me, the book was a great way of getting and keeping people interested in the hobby…Now it is your turn to do an Orr book!!

  21. Wayne says:

    My wife just found the middle lunch box and thermous in near mint condition at a garage sale, i think we will tuck it away and give it to our grandson, maybe by the time he has to buy a house, it might be worth the down payment!

  22. mxime says:

    hello! I have same bobby orr first lunch box design , but my top is black and my base yellow , I can not find like my lunch box ????

  23. Gary says:

    I have not seen that lunchbox with reversed colors. You have a nice Orr item there.

  24. Paul says:

    Cool! I had one that was Yellow. It was a picture of him racing, and beating a train. The thermos had the rest of the Bruins signatures on it. Wow, i loved that lunch kit. Grade 3 in the 70’s. Hahaha. Thanks for the memories.

  25. Nessa says:

    I have one of the plastic Bobby Orr lunch boxes from 1973 available for sale. I have posted it on Kijiji. As it as been used (but still in good condition), I am asking 25$. Sounds like it is worth more. Let me know if anyone is interested. In Montreal.

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