An Artists Impression of Orr

Over the years there have been many photos published of Bobby Orr. There have also been many caricature drawings done of him. Most of these were for the local newspapers, but some found their way onto posters and such.

One of the better known cartoonists was Jim Dobbins. He worked for various Boston newspapers from the 1950’s thru the 1970’s. This week I’m going to feature a few of his drawings that made it out of the paper and into poster form of various size.

The drawings cover the years 1968 thru 1971. First up is ‘68.


This piece measures roughly 16 x 20. Of all the Dobbins posters, this might be the one most difficult to find. It looks like it’s an original drawing, but I can’t verify that. I bought this a year ago from a local dealer who has never seen it before. However, when compared to the 1969 drawing, they have a very similar look.


The drawing measures 6 x 9 and as you can see the only real difference is how he drew the head. 

Things change for the 1970 poster.


Bobby looks much more serious in this picture, which measure 18 x 24. This poster is more common and has been offered on Ebay from time to time.

Finally in 1971 came this poster which is the most common of the Dobbins prints.


Much more colorful than the others, this drawing is part of a Bruins series by Dobbins which also featured Phil Esposito and John Bucyk among others.

Dobbins also had a unique way of signing his drawings.


His name always had a little bit of an arch to it and he would almost always do a little caricature of himself as seen above.

Dobbins had many more drawings published in the Boston Herald Traveler and Herald-American. He was more of an editorial cartoonist  than a sports cartoonist, but  his Orr depictions really stand out.

Thanks again for reading and see you next week!

13 Responses to “An Artists Impression of Orr”

  1. The Goog says:

    I always loved those ink drawing from the news papers.

  2. Gary says:

    Me too The Goog. Especially if the artist is good.

  3. Rita Dobbins says:

    I am wondering if you ever are interested in selling any posters, would you please contact me at

    The artist is my father and these would mean a lot to my son’s who are all big fans of Bobby Orr as well as their late grandfather!

  4. Erle says:

    Do you know anything about these poster?

  5. Gary says:

    Sorry but I don’t. I’m not even sure where they were sold.

  6. Jim Dobbins was my father’s best friend. They went to Mass College of Art together after WWII.

    Jim came by when I was a kid around 1970 and gave my brothers, sisters and I the whole set of Bruins Poster Illustrations – Bobby Orr, Johnny MacKenzie… He also made caricatures of us. Great memories!

    He called me in the 90s. He asked about where to have his “Teddy Ball Game” printed. It was one of his last projects featuring Ted Williams leaning against the Green Monster.

  7. Gary says:

    Thanks for the comment Kevin! Jim Dobbins was a great artist. I’m very happy to have his illustrations in my collection. Great story about how he personally gave you a set of Bruins illustrations. Thank you for sharing it.

  8. Keith says:

    I was wondering how many posters are in the 1971 collection, I have 6.

  9. Gary says:

    Hi Keith, Not sure. The ones that I remember are Orr, Espo, Cashman, Hodge, Bucyk and the Espo line.

  10. Tasha says:

    I have a JFK pen and ink by Jim Dobbins. It says to our fallen comrade…

  11. George says:

    I just found 6 posters by this artist in my grandmothers house. bobby orr and a few others!! anyone have any more information on these ?

  12. Rod Faulkner says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dobbins 30 years ago, at Chatham Bars Inn. He had a gallery of his original drawings displayed for sale. I was fortunate to be able to purchase the original of one of you above sketches. ( 2nd one from top 1969 ) which I had signed by Bobby about 25 Years ago. It’s is proudly displayed in family room.

  13. Georges Allard says:

    A long time ago I came into position of the black and white of Bobby Orr. As it was my luck.I had Bobby Orr sign it for me.It reads ,To Georges best regards Bobby Orr.Though I would never sell it ,I was wondering what I would insure for.

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