Bobby Orr in Pictures and Posters

I got a message on Friday from a frequent Orr memorabilia supplier of mine, Sportsworld in Saugus, Mass. saying that a unique Orr item recently came into the store. Of course when I read that I knew that I had to go check it out.

When I saw it I realized that it looked very familiar.


Here we have an original 5×7 photo of Orr coming out behind the net against the New York Rangers. The reason why it looks so familiar is this:


This is a poster of the same photo. It was put out by T.J.B. Enterprises of Wakefield, Ma. in 1971. So was this the actual photo that the poster was taken from? Quite possibly. Pretty cool nevertheless.

There were three other non Orr Bruin photos included.


I know for sure that the photo on the right was also made into a poster. I can’t remember if the other ones were or not. All in all I’m pretty happy to have these four original photos, especially the Orr one.

See you again next weekend with more of Orr.

12 Responses to “Bobby Orr in Pictures and Posters”

  1. Danny says:

    Gary Looks to be the same photographer as the Bruins Calendar that was published at the same time as those photos.

  2. Gary says:

    You’re right Danny. Thanks for the info!

  3. The Goog says:

    That’s pretty neat, to have the original photo.

  4. scifinds says:

    Is it known who the photographer was?

  5. paul says:

    do you buy bobby orr things the 1971 1972 yellow and black posters with all the players i have 10 of them also a one of a kind doll and many pics plus a limeted edition book he had made for his freinds

  6. Gary says:

    Hi Paul. If I don’t have something I will definitely buy. I have the posters and doll, but I’m interested in the limited edition book.

  7. Ryan Martins says:

    Hi Gary, I have a collection of Old hockey magazines including many with Bobby Orr on the cover and a poster #14 “Farewell To Bobby Orr”. I am willing to sell them all if you would be interested in any. Just shoot me an email and I can send you pictures. Thanks Ryan

  8. Paul says:

    Two questions pls…………. Orr is featured on many Hockey Times magazines. Do you know how many of these were issued. I think I am missing two. The other question is re the Bobby Orr Fan Club newsletters begun in 1973. Do you know how many of those were issued? Thanks for you time

  9. Gary says:

    Hi Paul. Although I own many of both the magazine and newsletter, I’m not sure how many issues came out. I’m curious myself. A few of my fellow Orr collectors might have an idea, so I’ll ask them and get back to you if they know.

  10. Matt says:

    Hello, I recently acquired an original Mark Gray painting of Bobby Orr. I’m a hockey fan, but thought people on this page would enjoy it.


  11. Gary says:

    Hey Matt,

    Awesome painting! I hope you have a good spot to display it. Thanks for sharing!

  12. doug says:

    I have about a dozen posters of Bobby holding stanley cup and prince of wales trophies….don t know what to do with them

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