Stanley Cup Time with Bobby Orr

There’s nothing in all of sports that compares to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The intensity of each game is off the charts. This year should be a great final as the Bruins take on the Black Hawks. I’m lucky enough to have tickets to game 3 in Boston.

Bobby Orr played in three Stanley Cup Finals, winning two of them and getting to hoist the cup, which is the ultimate trophy to win.

The Stanley Cup is this weeks Orr item that I’m going to show you. Two weeks ago I posted that I had Orr sign a few items for me. Here is the one that I wanted signed the most.


Here is a two foot replica of the cup. While not a Bobby Orr item per se, I got his signature on the top band. You can see it a little better in this next pic.


My goal is to have as many members of the 1970 and 1972 cup winning teams sign it. So far I have fourteen signatures. I have most of the main guys except for Phil Esposito and Ed Westfall. If I can get those two guys then I’d be happy.

Of course I considered Orr’s signature to be the most important. He’s the only one that is going to sign that top rung.

The only other thing I would want is a picture of me and Bobby with the cup. Unfortunately, since it was a private signing I couldn’t do that. In most other cases when I bring the cup to a show to get signed I usually take a photo with the player. Here are two that I took with John Bucyk and Milt Schmidt.



Here’s a pic of Orr with the real Stanley Cup.

Orr Cup

That’s all for this week. Looking forward to this year’s version of the Bruins hoisting the cup sometime next week. Until next Sunday, Go Bruins!

5 Responses to “Stanley Cup Time with Bobby Orr”

  1. The Goog says:

    Very cool! I hope to see it the next time we’re over! I also hope you get to meet Mr. Orr one day soon.

  2. Gary says:

    Me too Goog!

  3. scifinds says:

    Big trophy. Awesome. Nuff said

  4. Chris says:

    I have a bobby orr watch from the 70’s and I was wondering if you knew the value of it. Thanks

  5. Gary says:

    Hi Chris. Depending on condition, they usually sell for between $100 – $200. If it was still in it’s original box the double that.

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