Ponying Up With Bobby Orr

When you think of the footwear that Bobby Orr wore back in the 70’s you immediately think hockey skates. Well Orr was also a pretty good recreational tennis player. You can’t wear skates for that. So this week thanks to fellow Orr collector extraordinaire Bob, I have another type of footwear to show you this week that Orr very well could have worn on the tennis court.

Orr pony ad

Here we have an ad showing Orr endorsing Pony footwear. This ad also happens to be autographed by him in blue pen off to the bottom left.

Not only did he endorse Pony, but these shoes were also made.

Orr sneakers

Signature Orr sneakers. A pair of these are near the top of my wish list of Orr items that I don’t have but want. I have never seen these offered for sale anywhere.

What really intrigues me about these sneakers is that nowadays you take a sneaker being named after an athlete for granted, like Air Jordans. Many other basketball players have had shoes named for them. Not so sure about hockey players. And I also don’t believe that it happened to often in the 1970’s.

So be on the lookout for these. If you see them, definitely grab them.

Thanks for reading this week. See you all again soon with some more vintage Bobby Orr items.

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  1. scifinds says:

    Did the tennis outfit for the Orr doll also come with mini versions of these?

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