Artists Impressions of Orr

Forgive me if this weeks post is on the short side, but I’m having my condo worked on and literally have stuff all over the place. That being said, let’s get right too it.

I have two items for you this week that are in a friends Orr collection and that I hope to someday find for myself.

Orr back

Up first is this original Phil Bissell drawing of Orr from what looks like to be from the 1975 season judging from the fact that on the broken ice it says that Espo has departed. That of course refers to Phil Esposito being traded in November of 1975. It appears that Orr was just returning from injury.

orr back2

This appears to be another original drawing of Orr from around 1971. Not sure who the artist is but it’s a nice portrayal of Orr in mid-stride. I also love the accomplishments that are added in like most points and goals by a defenseman in a season. Just an outstanding piece.

Since I’ve never seen these before offered for sale it’s tough to put a price on them, but I would say that they would sell for at least a few hundred dollars each.

There you have this weeks Bobby Orr items. I’ll be back next Sunday with something from my collection. See you then.

2 Responses to “Artists Impressions of Orr”

  1. The Goog says:

    Pretty cool, I always enjoy seeing this type of art.

  2. scifinds says:

    Original art is awesome

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