Bobby Orr as a BlackHawk

Make no mistake, I hated typing those words. I have made it well known that I don’t acknowledge that part of Orr’s career. Being from Boston I just can’t. Should never have happened. I still despise Alan Eagleson for lying to Orr about the Bruins contract offer.

That being said, past guest blogger Danny wrote me saying that he’s like to do a write-up on Orr’s Chicago memorabilia because there are a decent number of items out there. I agreed, figuring that other Orr collectors would like to see what is out there for Chicago items.

Here’s Danny in his own words.

On June 8 1976 the Boston Bruins Superstar became a free agent and signed with the Chicago Blackhawks.

We all know Gary the owner of this blog is not exactly a fan of seeing anything Red, Black and White on Orr’s Body but when I suggested I do a blog about Orr’s Hawk items he thought it would be a great idea.

Although Orr has a ton of stuff as a Bruin, he does not have that many pieces as a Hawk.

There were only two retarded looking hockey cards that were air brushed for OPC/Topps in 1976-77 and 1977-78.

But aside from those hockey cards Orr also had some really neat oddball items that are worth taking a look at in this blog.

-First off is the most expensive piece and very well-known Bally Pinball Machine “Power Play” from 1977 which ranges from $1000-$2000.

Orr 1977-Bally

-Second would be his 1976 “7-11” Glass which is a very rare piece to find as i have only seen two in about 20 years and price range can be easily $500 or more.

Orr Glass

-Third the 1977 Coffee Mug only offered by the Orr/Walton Camp Sport shop which does come up every few years selling at about $300-$400 and the matching brochure pictured above the mug at about $25.

-Fourth we have his “Dr. Pepper” Poster from an unknown premium Price Range $75-$150.

Orr dr_pepper

-Fifth is the tiny mini card from 1977-78 “Coke/Coca Cola”, Yearly Beckett Book Value is set at $125.

Orr 1977-1978_Coca_Cola

-Sixth is the fold out poster series #14 “Farewell To Bobby Orr” not sure which hockey magazine it comes from, Value ?

Orr Poster Black

-Seventh is a 1978 Promotional 8×10″ photo, Value $45

Orr 1978

-Eighth is six different postcards 3 in color and 3 in black and white, they all have stats on the back and two of the black and white “Mystery Sleuth” postcards comes in English or bi-lingual (One is underneath the other. If you look closely you can see it sticking out). Years range from 1976 to 1978. Value $10-$30

Orr Postcards Black

-Finally the last photo shows one of the six post cards mentioned earlier that was part of a mail away package with large team photo, original mailer and order form, value $50, also a 1977 Team Xmas card done by artist R. Pelkowski value $75, and a 1976-77 Hockey Digest which was Orr’s first appearance on anything as a Chicago Blackhawk value $10-$20.

Orr Xmas

I remember being a 13 year old kid seeing this on the newsstand and i could not believe my eyes that Orr was wearing a Hawks Jersey.

Bobby only played 26 games for the Hawks do to his bad knees in 3 years, 20 games in 1976-77, took the year off in 1977-78 to try and heal up and in 1978-79 he only got in 6 games. He still managed to get 27 points in 26 games for the hawks. Keep in mind that in 1975-76 his last year as a Bruin he only played 10 games, so his days to quitting was already coming his way do to his bad knees.

So as you can see there are plenty of neat items you can collect of Orr in a hawks jersey along with many front cover appearances on magazines which I have not included in the photos as there are too many!

Thanks Danny for that look into Bobby Orr memorabilia in that other jersey, which now will never be spoken about again.

See you again next week Orr for some items from his Bruins days.

10 Responses to “Bobby Orr as a BlackHawk”

  1. terry the bushpg says:

    suck it up, gary ol’ buddy. sad but true as it is, bobby closed out his illustrious career away from the sanctified halls of the gardens. great look at some of the other fine pieces (many looked familiar, somehow….), thanks for the guest blog danny. now we can all hate eagleson equally!

  2. Danny says:

    I actually enjoyed doing this piece as not many Orr Collectors know the wide range of Black Hawks stuff out there!
    Special thanks to Gary and Terry for being great friends and helping me out to get some great Orr pieces over the years!

  3. Gary says:

    Anytime Danny. Looking forward to more of your guest blogs down the road as you have some Orr items that I know I don’t have.

  4. Gary says:

    I knew eventually I’d have to post something about his Chicago days. Just glad that Danny wrote it and I didn’t have to.

  5. Bobby says:

    Some really nice pieces I think we all enjoyed seeing, nice write up, keep up the great work.

  6. the other sasquatch says:

    outside of the fact that it’s Orr in a Hawk jersey (and that is despicable, may Eagleson be forced to watch Full House reruns and rot in hell forever), it’s interesting to see how cheesy and slapped together without thought things were done in the 70’s……that pinball machine….to put Orr on it, yet make him a right-handed shot….probably made by someone who didn’t even know what hockey was….i consider it as offensive as Jacob’s concession prices at the games….. not that i’m bitter or anything

  7. The Goog says:

    The pinball game is cool, but I can imagine that being difficult to display in a collection.
    I also like the mug, reminds me of some mugs I had as a kid.

    Gary, you don’t own any Orr memorabilia from this time?

  8. Gary says:

    Nothing Goog. If it’s Black Hawks I don’t want it.

  9. scifinds says:

    Gary, get over yourself. You NEED that pinball machine. We can get it repainted to be Bruins appropriate

  10. Connie Hales says:

    I have the Bobby Orr pinball machine you posted. Its a great looking piece. Two of the flippers are not working but can be fixed. Its for sale. I am currently checking around and taking offers. If at all interested you can contact me.

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