Bobby Orr: The Second Coming.

It’s Easter Sunday so forgive me, but this is going to be a short post.

The most plentiful Bobby Orr items are those depicting him as a Boston Bruin. There are also items from the 1976 Canada Cup, his charitable work (skate-a-thons etc…), various appearances for business and of course for that other NHL team that will not be named and never should have happened.

Another aspect of Orr’s career that I didn’t mention above but is highly collectable and less frequently seen is from his days with the Oshawa Generals.


This is a section of a Montreal newspaper from April 3, 1966. Now I don’t speak French, but I believe the headline is asking if Bobby Orr is the second coming of Eddie Shore. I also like that fact that it shows a few photos of Orr skating for the Generals.


The inside article most likely talks about Orr’s days in Oshawa, as they were winding down right around this time.

Most of the Oshawa Orr items I have are either programs/magazines or newspaper articles like this one. The newspaper clipping are particular favorites of mine because I’m assuming that not a lot of these papers were saved. I always try to get them no matter if I see them listed on Ebay (which this one was) or for sale at a show or memorabilia store.

This particular paper cost me $30. Besides me there were three other bidders vying for it.

That’s all for this week. Hope you all have a Happy Easter. More Bobby Orr items coming your way next Sunday.

5 Responses to “Bobby Orr: The Second Coming.”

  1. The Goog says:

    Old newspapers are like a nice brittle time capsule. Heck, I even peruse newspapers from other states/countries when they are used as packing material. It’s always interesting.

  2. Scifinds says:

    Do you keep the whole paper or just the relevant page/s?

  3. Gary says:

    If I have the whole paper I’ll keep it all.

  4. LauraLee says:

    I was wondering what a new clipping is worth of Bobby Orr taking his famous dive ? Not the whole paper just the cut out from a local paper in NH.. Thanks

  5. Gary says:

    Hi Laura, It wouldn’t be worth much. Maybe a few dollars to someone who wants to frame it. That photo has been reprinted thousands of times.

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