Bobby Orr’s Old New Number

Everyone knows that Bobby Orr wore #4 during his playing days. You also might know that he wore #27 for a brief period of time during training camp his rookie year. However I bet you didn’t know that me may have also worn #24.

Now this is purely speculation because as far as I know, there are no pictures of him at all wearing #24, but check this out.

I recently won this program from Classic Auctions in Canada. Here is the lineup.


Look at the Boston lineup. Orr is listed as #24.

Here’s a little background on this program. It’s from a training camp game between the Bruins and their minor league affiliate the Oklahoma Blazers during Orr’s rookie season of 1966-67 . This game took place in Oshawa, which of course is where Orr played previously. The lineups for each team are glued into place.

Whats also interesting is the program is recycled from the 1965-66 season as seen in the picture.



So did he actually wear #24 for the game? Unknown for sure. The other question I have is when did this game actually take place? There is no date on the program at all. Orr’s first professional pre-season game as a Bruin was on October 23, 1966. I wrote about it here. However, the following letter came with the program and contends that this game took place prior. Read it for yourselves.


Very interesting. That’s a wealth of information right there. Regardless of when it took place. I think it’s a unique piece of Orr memorabilia.

Hope you enjoyed reading about #24. See you again next weekend with some more vintage Bobby Orr items.

5 Responses to “Bobby Orr’s Old New Number”

  1. terry the bushpg says:

    at some time in my collecting i am sure that i had a b/w postcard with bobby wearing a #29 jersey- i am thinking it was a mccarthy before they superimposed the 4 onto his shoulder. i seem to recall that it was that shot because i remember the #37 gloves that he wore. or, my mind might be going…… does this mean anything to you?

  2. Gary says:

    Close Terry. He’s wearing the #27 jersey but the gloves have #37 on them.

  3. The Goog says:

    Interesting. Possible lost history!

  4. Scifinds says:

    What was his number when he played for that other team?

  5. Gary says:

    Look at next weeks post and you will find out.

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