Sweet Dreams and Hot Chocolate with the NHLPA and Bobby Orr

This week I have another guest blog for you from Orr collector extraordinaire Danny. Here he is in his own words.

In 1970-71 till the 1972-73 season the “National Hockey Players Association” also known as the NHLPA started getting into the thick of things in the hobby with Dads Cookies – Colgate Stamps + Heads – Eddie Sargent or Finast Photos – Post Cereal Mini Sticks, Shooters + Transfers etc…..

This week on the Blog I am featuring a few oddball items that was also released by the NHLPA.

First off we have this set of a 1971-72 NHLPA pillow cover and bed spread.



Pillow cover is in Black print simulated auto’s while the bed spread is in Blue print simulated auto’s.

Both items have totally different players autographed on each one. Pillow case has Bobby Orr along with T.Esposito, Tallon, Binkley, Van Impe, Williams, Crozier, Bergman, Perreault, Bucyk, Dionne, Brewer, Ellis, Nevin, Gilbert, Dryden, Howell, Smith, D.Hull and Stapleton.

The Single bed spread has P.Esposito, Favell, Dudley, Hadfield, Marshall, Keon, Paimount, Mahovlich, Stanfield, B.Hull, Berenson, Maniago and Westfall.

Pillow case and Bed spread (single mattress size) are both made by “Wabasso”, imagine the sweet dreams the original owner had sleeping with these covers. I currently have the Pillow cover on the wall under a sheet of plexy glass and the Bed spread on top of a pull out couch in the Bobby Orr Room.


The second item featured is a large “Alladin” made thermos which has a lot of the same simulated auto’s as the Pillow Cover and Bed spread but with additional different auto’s, along with Bobby Orr there are additions like Clarke, Henderson, Wall, Awrey etc….. It seems it is also 1971-72 as we know there cannot be any WHA players and Bobby Hull is present along with the Rookie Ken Dryden.

Just imagine the thermos having Hot Chocolate or hot soup along the kids bedside back in the day with matching Pillow Case and Bed covering. This would make a great collectible not only for Bobby Orr collectors but many other Hockey Super Stars.

So in conclusion, NHLPA offered many oddities in the hobby along with its main stream sets listed above, there are most likely more items out there yet to be surfaced and I have seen Pencil cases, Patches etc… but without Bobby Orr’s Photo or Auto.

Thank you Danny for sharing some great Orr collectibles as well as the information about them. Definitely looking forward to more posts from you in the future.

See you again next weekend with more Bobby Orr memorabilia.

12 Responses to “Sweet Dreams and Hot Chocolate with the NHLPA and Bobby Orr”

  1. Danny says:

    Your welcome Gary,
    Forgot to mention that the bed spread is folded a few times on that couch but it is a lot bigger than what it shows on top of the couch.
    Today i wrote another story for your blog, it is going to be a good one !
    Stay tuned folks.

  2. The Goog says:

    Are items like these harder to collect, since they cross over so many other players? Do they get snatched up faster?

  3. Danny says:

    Goog,they certaintly can be more difficult to snatch up as you are competing against player collectors that collect Ken Dryden, Bobby Hull, Dave Keon Etc…

    But to be honest with you the pillow case has only appeared on eBay twice, the bed spread never as i bought mine at an antique show but the thermos does come up once in awhile on eBay at an average of $20 to $40.

  4. Gary says:

    Couldn’t have answered your question any better than Danny did Goog.

  5. Gary says:

    Not sure if you knew that I have the pillow case Danny. I won it the last time it showed up on Ebay. I have never seen the bed spread and I see the thermos but just haven’t gotten it yet.

  6. Danny says:

    Gary, the bed spread will not come up on Bobby Orr searches as his Auto is not on that piece. It really is not an Orr piece but i bought it knowing that it does complete the set along with the Pillow case which does have the Orr Auto on there.
    So the only 2 Pillow cases that did come up on ebay was won by you and i.

  7. Wayne Frazer says:

    We just bought out a basement full of stuff, including sets back to the 30s and programs going just as far back. One of the items was that Thermos, but I think I’m going to use it to hold coffee at the Expo just to screw with people!

  8. Gary says:

    That would be very cool Wayne!

  9. Scifinds says:

    If that pillow case is not on your bed there will be trouble

  10. Fireside says:

    I have an Orr 2nd year card NM and a matching NHLPA Pillowcase in Mint condition as well. Did you want the Pillowcase for a set? I have no idea what it would be worth, but I am open to offers. I have back surgery coming up and may end up in a wheelchair and have no insurance to cover me. I am in Canada, but can ship it to you once payment is received. I have solid tubes I use for shipping my art prints I will use for it and if you want the card as well let me know, but, the offer has to be sweet for the card as it holds sentimental value, as he once held it and autographed the protector plate it was in and as you can guess, the card was dropped and the plate broken. I put the plate aside, as it was only chipped on the corner and one day my ex-fiance tossed it in the trash. (sigh) Life goes on… But I still have the card, in storage at my brothers in a safe. lol

  11. Rick says:

    Hi Guys. I have the above thermos. I was just wondering if there was an accompanying lunchbox?Also, may I be so bold as to ask an approximate value for the thermos in great condition! Thanks!

  12. Gary says:

    Hi Rick, Sorry for the late response. There is a matching lunchbox. There are also thermoses of varying sizes. The thermos usually is about $20- $25

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