Exporting Bobby Orr

For this week’s Bobby Orr item I’m going to continue something that I first featured last August in this post and also again in this one.

If you went ahead and looked, you know I’m talking about calendars. Those two are from St. Louis. This week I’ll get into the more well known Export “A” versions.

Today you’ll see a Montreal Forum version. There is also a Maple Leaf Gardens version that I’ll be showing down the road. They are both very similar in style. I should also point out that these calendars were produced every year starting in the 1940’s I believe. My focus is on the ones that Orr was featured in, which covers 1967 – 1975.


Here is the first page, which always featured either the Canadians or Maple Leafs depending on who put it out.  You’ll see Export at the bottom. They were a tobacco producing company. Another great thing about the calendar is that it listed every NHL game for the year.


This page showcases the award winners for the previous season, which was Orr’s rookie year. He won the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year.


This page features the first and second all star teams for the year. Orr made second team as a rookie.

Here’s a closer look at it.


I love these pages as they also show some of the greatest players in hockey history such as Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull, Glenn Hall and Stan Mikita.

I suppose if I wanted to display this I could take it apart and frame the pages with Orr on them, but I honestly would never do that. For now they are in storage, but easily accessible if I ever wanted to look at them.

As I said, I have many more of these calendars and will be featuring other years in future posts.

Thanks for checking in this week. More Orr coming your way next Sunday.

6 Responses to “Exporting Bobby Orr”

  1. dana says:

    I have a couple of these framed but not on the wall as my cardroom is in chaos at the moment. Harry Howell wins the Norris in Orr’s rookie year ……. what’s up with that.

  2. Gary says:

    Probably because Orr only played in 46 games his rookie year. Remember though, Howell said he was glad he won it because Orr was going to win for the next ten years. He was almost right as it was 8 years.

  3. The Goog says:

    Old calendars are often fun to look at, there are often interesting little glimpses into daily life, especially considering they were disposable items.

  4. Danny says:

    I remember having the complete run of calendars with Orr in them.
    I sold them all, as a few years back they were very popular and getting great money. Sure miss the photos they had but i just did not have the room for them and had to let them all go.
    They are priced very reasonable today, this week i passed on a near mint Export A calendar for $50 from 1971-72, i think they are a bargain today if you have the room for them. Shipping prices to get them in a tube though are very high YUK

  5. Gary says:

    I agree with you Goog. I’m always interested when I come across an old calendar no matter what it is.

  6. Gary says:

    They are tough to store, but I love looking at them when I take them out.

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