Bobby Orr “Supreme”

Hello everyone and welcome to another special guest post. You might recall that Orr collector extraordinaire Danny wrote a post on Bic Pens a few weeks ago. If you forgot check it out here. Well he’s back again this week with some more great information on a couple of vintage Bobby Orr items. So here’s Danny in his own words.

In the winter of 1968 going into the 1968-69 season “Bauer” a skate company started promoting there skates and hockey equipment. They teamed up with 22 players including Bobby Orr as their main spokesman to promote their goods.

Bauer started with the black and white ads, which always had Bobby Orr as the main spokesman and sometimes with the larger ads you would see some of the other players pictured along with Orr.




Many stores that sold Bauer products received their full book catalogue along with book covers that were handed out for free for any purchase of their product. These book covers were in English or French, pretty obvious the French book cover was offered in the Quebec area. The selling dealer also had the option to label that blank circle with their company logo so you will find these book covers with or without the label. What is interesting is along with the 22 players on the book cover there were 3 referees pictured but Bauer did not include them in their large photo set.




The twenty two 8”x10” black and white photos were a premium offered in the USA and Canadian Cartoon Magazines.


I have an original mailer with the complete set dated Dec 4 1968 with the address of Bauer being from North Tonawanda, NY. USA. There is clearly a cut out form glued on the envelope that you would fill with your own address that was cut out of a cartoon magazine ad and pasted along with your order. The original owner from Michigan posted to receive series 1-2-3 were it states “Please send me 8 autographed photos of the NHL players on your advisory staff, please check set desired and print” so he printed 1-2-3 although 8 times 3 would give you 24 there are only 22 photos in the set so I am guessing one series was 6 photos, it makes sense as the same 22 players on the book covers are also in this photo set. Photos are thin stock paper and came with divider sheets in the original mailer. Beware of reprints that are a thicker stock paper and missing the “Printed In Canada” in the bottom right corner.

The color ad you see in one photo is dated in 1969 so we know the promotion clearly started in 1968 and ended in 1969.


Now what is super rare is “Western Auto Centre” also had a large ad that stated after purchasing Bobby Orr approved Skates they would give you a free autograph Bobby Orr Picture, Autograph is simulated though. I also bought a Bauer photo with a real autograph to throw into my collection as I feel it is a nice touch to go along with the rare “Western” ad.

Values for these pieces are as follows, Black and White ads $5-$10, Color Cartoon ad $10, Western Auto Centre ad $250 (Rare), Bobby Orr Bauer Photo Premium $100-$200, English book cover $75, French book cover $100, Bauer book catalogue $250 (Rare), Mailer with complete set PRICELESS !!

There you have it for this week. Thanks Danny for a great post! Looking forward to more great items from you in the future!

Be sure to check back next weekend for another vintage piece of Bobby Orr memorabilia.

6 Responses to “Bobby Orr “Supreme””

  1. The Goog says:

    Fascinating stuff.

  2. iceman says:

    very informative….now gotta check if “printed in Canada” is on my photo.
    Thanks Dan

  3. Gary says:

    100% agree with you Goog.

  4. scifinds says:

    That last ad is awesome, the illustration is cheese-tastic

  5. Tom says:

    I own the set of 8 X 10 black & white photos that are definitely authentic (printed in canada in lower right hand corner) & in excellent condition. I seem to recall I responded to an offer for the set that was on the back of a cereal box when I was a kid. Is the set valuable?

  6. Gary says:

    Thanks for the comment Tom. The set is definitely valuable. The Orr photo is the best. I’ve seen it sell for as high as $200. The other photos are usually at least $20 – $30 each.

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