Bobby Orr: Man of Style and Adventure.

A few months ago I wrote about how I bought some Orr items from one of my readers who was looking for some extra money in order to buy a 50th birthday present for himself. Today I’m going to show you some additional things from that purchase.

Before I get to that though, check out this previous post, which also has to deal with today’s items.

So now that you did that, check these out.


From the 1975 Regal Doll, we have some boxed outfits that Bobby can wear when he’s not skating. Here are two very nice suits that he can wear for a night out on the town with his wife. Pure 1970’s fashion.

Next we have some sporting outfits.


Here’s are Orr’s tennis and karate outfits. Now in real life I’ve seen picture of Orr playing tennis, but never in an outfit like this. I’ve never seen any karate pictures of him, but apparently his doll is a black belt. I advice not to mess with him.

Lastly is one of my favorites.


Here is Bobby’s fishing outfit, complete with the fish that he caught. Spectacular.

There are at least 12 outfits total, of which I now have 7 complete in the box, although the boxes have seen better days.

These outfits boxed, usually sell from anywhere between $75 – $125, sometimes more. I’ve seen them on ebay from time to time listed for as much as $250.

Thanks for reading this week, I’ll be back next Sunday with some more Orr memorabilia.

10 Responses to “Bobby Orr: Man of Style and Adventure.”

  1. Danny says:

    Gary i have a few of his uniforms too but not all of them as it is a hard set to put together. There were 3 variations of his Doll and a lot of the sealed dolls have the gloves and stick missing most of the time.

  2. Gary says:

    I’ve seen dolls missing stuff too Danny. I’m always on the lookout for the outfits I’m missing.

  3. scifinds says:

    I’m no Bobby Orr fan as it were, but I would love to have these

  4. Gary says:

    I thought you would like them Dave. They are right up your alley.

  5. The Goog says:

    I always enjoy seeing Bobby’s new old fashions.

  6. freakydeaky says:

    your post Sept 25, 2011. I thought I saw those trousers before.

  7. sal gullo says:

    hello there, do you have any bobby orr outfits left, please let me know, thanks Sal

  8. Gary says:

    Hi Sal. Those are the only boxed outfits I have. I do have some loose ones, but they are part of my collection and I don’t sell anything.

  9. Heather Holmgren says:

    I have come across a few sets of clothes with Bobby Orr label. They are not in boxes, would you like to buy them?

  10. Gary says:

    Hi Heather. Thanks for the offer but I have them all. Your best bet to sell them is probably Ebay.

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