Poster Boy Bobby Orr

Before I get started, thanks to everyone who commented last week on how much they enjoy reading my posts each week. You guys gave me the shot in the arm I needed to continue doing this on a weekly basis rather than cut back to only a few posts each month. Thanks again.

I’ve mentioned numerous times that I’ve met some fantastic Orr collectors through this blog. Some in person, and other through emails. One such person sent me an email last week with a picture of an item that she has that too my knowledge, might be one of a kind.

You might remember me talking about Trudene in a post from about a year ago. If not, refresh yourself here. She is truly a hardcore Orr collector.

Before I show you what Trudene sent me, take a look at this.


Here is MacLean’s magazine from February 1965. This is Orr’s first national magazine cover. He was 16 years old and playing Junior hockey for the Oshawa Generals.

Here is what Trudene sent me.

Orr Mcleans

Look familiar? According to Trudene, this is a poster of the magazine cover that was used on the side of their trucks to advertise the magazine. It was given to her dad by the MacLean’s staff. Just an incredible piece that I’ve never seen before and doubt that any other Orr collector’s have either.

Orr advertising pieces happen to be some of the toughest items to find and therefore are some of my favorites to collect. I’ve written about some in the past. Check them out here.

Many thanks to Trudene and her husband Terry. It’s always a pleasure hearing from them and seeing unique Orr items from their collection.

Thanks again for all the comments last week. See you again next weekend with another vintage Bobby Orr item.

11 Responses to “Poster Boy Bobby Orr”

  1. terry the bushpg says:

    wow! amazing piece- i would love to see her collection. maybe a guest blog as bob suggested last week with collector’s featuring their favourite (favorite for you yanks) pieces would showcase a few of these hidden and rare gems.

  2. terry the bushpg says:

    addendum- i mean no disrespect to your efforts, gary; just thought that this might take some pressure off of you every week and allow some not so tech savvy collectors to contribute to the showcase of orr items.

  3. Gary says:

    No worries Terry. I would be more than happy to relinquish a week every now and then if someone wanted to write up a guest blog. If they send me the write up and pics of their Orr items I would publish it. So what do you say Terry? Bob? Danny? You all have amazing Orr pieces. A few pics and a short description is all I need.

  4. Danny says:

    Hey Gary,
    I would be happy to do a story for you on this blog.
    I’ll send something soon.
    Cool poster!

  5. Gary says:

    That would be awesome Danny. Looking forward to it!

  6. The Goog says:

    Nice poster, it’s a great photo too.

  7. Trudy says:

    Thanks Gary for featuring my poster this week. I love reading your site it is the first thing I look at on Sunday morning.

  8. Gary says:

    Thanks Trudene! Especially for allowing me to share some of your incredible Orr collection on my blog.

  9. Matt says:

    Hey Gary, what do you think of the guy trying to sell a mint Orr rookie for 250k on eBay? I can’t help but laugh

  10. Gary says:

    Unbelievable. He’s had over 30 offers on it. I just hope that there’s nobody stupid enough to actually spend that type of money on it.

  11. Matt says:

    Pretty funny that theres a 9.5 graded For 13.5k

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