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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a comic blog and I figured with Valentine’s Day right around the corner this would be a perfect time to write about some of the romance comics in my collection.

Romance comics began hitting newstands in 1947 with the first being a¬†book called Young Romance. The genre peaked in the early 1950’s when more than 150 romance titles were being published. By the 1960’s they began to fade in popularity and all but vanished by the late 1970’s.

I only have a few romance books mainly because I don’t come across them too often and it’s not my favorite genre. When I do find one however, I can’t resist. Especially the 70’s books because thats when they were at their most “campy” for lack of a better phrase. For me , they are some of the most unintentionally funny stories to read because of the crazy story titles and over-the-top despair of the main characters. You can judge for yourself.


Here we have DC’s Young Romance. The book on the right is from 1965. On the left 1972. The ‘72 book is much more interesting with stories like “Mad About the Boy: Was I the Wrong Age for Him.” and what to do if you’re a “Loser in Love.” Obviously these are deep, thought provoking stories.


Two more 70’s books. You have a cheating beauty who wins by getting a little to cozy with one of the judges and and angst written woman who feels that her beauty is wrecking her life and wishes that she was born ugly. What a terrible problem to have.


The Young Love book is a classic. Straight from the 70’s and filled with despair. It seems that this young lady is bored with her plain boyfriend and is looking for a little excitement from this wild and free biker. I sense trouble here. As the story says, what heartbreak awaits the “Bikers Girl”? You can also read about “The Girl Who Wanted to Say YES!” In this story, Mia wonders why Denny won’t ask her to marry him. Filled with despair, she goes for a late night drive where her car breaks down and Tod comes around and helps her. Tod’s girlfriend just left him for his best friend. They begin dating and Tod asks Mia to marry him, but she can’t because she is still in love with Denny. Tod storms off. Got all this so far? Well Mia and Denny hook up again but still no proposal. Mia finally dumps Denny and sobs that she should have gone with Tod, who then magically reappears and all is forgiven. Wow. I’m an emotional wreck just from writing all that.

Here are two books from the 50’s. I’ll let the covers speak for themselves.



Often melodramatic and silly, these are just fun comics to flip through. One of the best features I haven’t mentioned yet is that most of these books have advice columns in them. There are no words to describe just how hysterical they are.

Happy Valentine’s day to everybody and back to Bobby Orr this weekend.

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  1. The Goog says:

    OH man, I’d love to see some of the advice columns! Maybe that could be an occasional feature?

    That last books “Exciting Intimate Secrets!” has my curiosity peaked too…

  2. Gary says:

    You want advice columns The Goog, you got it. I’ll work them into my comic blog postings.

  3. You really do have to love those covers. And I must admit I’m a bit intrigued by the girl whose beauty is ruining her life!

  4. Gary says:

    Well apparently, in her own words, “I was the prettiest girl in town and all the really groovy boys wanted to date me.” Unfortunately, they were only after one thing and that wasn’t groovy with her. Again, in her own words, “Other girls not half as pretty as I dated boys who treated them great… but whenever I went out with a man, they didn’t treat me like a person…. I was beautiful… I felt PURSUED!” You’ll be happy to know that she does finally meet a nice man and marries him.

  5. CC says:

    I want to followyour site re: Bobby Orr, I am huge collector and wish to follow your blog, do you notify my email automatically? pmk thx

  6. Gary says:

    Thanks for reading! I don’t notify by email, but I usually put a new Bobby Orr post up on either Sunday of Monday of each week. Just keep checking back.

  7. Kelly says:

    Given that I am quite late in reading this, I hope that you have recovered from the state of being emotionally wrecked after relaying the Mia/Denny/Tod affair. *Wow.* =)

    What fabulous reading!

  8. Gary says:

    Thanks Kelly! It took me awhile but I’m all good now. I’m just glad that those two crazy kids (Mia and Tod) finally got together :)

  9. jamel says:

    how to find the whole story of the comics love???

  10. Gary says:

    Hey Jamel,
    Not sure what you mean.

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