Playing Hockey with Bobby Orr

As I write this week’s post, it’s really rainy and windy outside. Hurricane Irene is moving into the area, although truthfully I think it’s been downgraded to a tropical storm.

The weather conditions gave me my inspiration for today’s Orr collectible. It’s the perfect day to hang in with a friend and play this:


Here is the Bobby Orr Table Hockey game. Released in the early 70’s, there are actually a few different versions that were made. This one was made with legs (as seen here) and without legs.

Orr hockey game 

Both of these feature a scoreboard with flags representing all the NHL teams such as Montreal, Chicago, Detroit…etc. However, it also has flags for such places as Miami, Dallas and Georgia which had no teams. Not really sure why that is.

Here is a closer look at the scoreboard and flags.

Orr hockey game1

Finally we have the game in front of the box it came in.

Orr hockey box2

Here is another version of the game with a different look to the scoreboard as well as the side paneling.

Orr hockey game4

Orr hockey game3

The scoreboard on both these games has a hole on top where you would drop the puck for faceoffs. The puck by the way has a little metal ball inside so that it roles along when you shoot it.

Here is the box for this version of the game.


The last version of the game is actually the first one that came out.


I didn’t take this one out of the box, but you can see the differences. The side paneling is just plain brown and doesn’t have Bobby’s name on it. Also, there’s a different looking scoreboard that attaches to the side. Finally, behind the nets are plastics strips that resemble the glass at a real hockey arena. The other games don’t have that.

The other major difference is that the first version, seen above, uses metal players, while the later games have plastic players.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading as always. See you again next Sunday with more vintage Bobby Orr items.

35 Responses to “Playing Hockey with Bobby Orr”

  1. Russ says:

    Hey Gary, great post! Certainly a great day for playing table hockey games. I need to get one myself!

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks Russ! Let me know anytime you want to a play a game.

  3. The Goog says:

    Out of all of them, is there one that’s your favorite Gary?

  4. scifinds says:

    So do you actually own all of these?

  5. Gary says:

    The very first one that I showed is my favorite. I like the way it looks with the flags and scoreboard. Truthfully though, old games like that are tough to play. The new table hockey games are much easier to use.

  6. Gary says:

    I do own them all, except that I borrowed some pictures because two of my games are still in the box and I didn’t want to risk taking them out. The first picture of the stand up game is mine and the last two pics of the boxes are also mine. They have the games in them.

  7. Les says:

    Do you know anybody wanting to sell a bobby orr game with the legs?…i would love to get my hands on one……..


  8. Gary says:

    I don’t know anybody at the moment Les. Keep an eye out on Ebay. Games with legs come up every so often.

  9. Les says:

    okay….thanks so very much gary…..been a long time since i had one….nothing made these days compares…..i appreciate your response….

  10. Tom H says:

    hi gary,I was wondering how much one of the games with the legs is worth if its missing the legs and some parts. Is there any worth to it still?

  11. Gary says:

    There would be worth, especially to someone who already has an incomplete game and is looking for the parts that they don’t have. I bought a game similar to your description at a flea market last year for $25.

  12. Dan says:

    Hi everyone, I have the game pictured in the first picture missing score board and the ice panel is warped. DO you happen to know where I could get the pieces and if the ice panel is fixable . Or what kinda of value it would bring as is . Thanks for your time

  13. Gary says:

    Hi Dan thanks for the question. Your best bet to get pieces is off of Ebay. Sometimes incomplete games will show up that have parts that you need. You might be able to get it cheap enough to make yours complete. I’m not sure if the panel is fixable. If anyone knows please write in.

  14. Nancy Jackson says:

    Hi Gary,

    We have two table top hockey games. One is the 1970 Bobby Orr game without legs. It has the scoreboard with Orr’s picture on it. I will check on details for the other one. How much does the Bobby Orr without legs go for?

  15. Gary says:

    Hi Nancy thanks for the question. If it’s in good condition, I’d say you should be able to get around $150 for it. A few recently sold on Ebay for around that price.

  16. Nancy Jackson says:

    Gary Thanks for replying so quickly. My brother might have anothe bobby orr hockey game in his attic. Both in pretty good condition. What would you ask for 2?

  17. boak1 says:

    hi i have a bobby orr table hockey game with legs and all the peices,in excellent condition that i want to sell.i saw someone named Les in july that was looking to get his hands on one.let me know!i am in vancouver bc.thanks

  18. Alison says:

    I am in Vancouver – if you still have bobby orr table hockey game in excellent condition I might be interested

  19. Nancy Jackson says:

    Hi Gary. I am going to post both Bobby Orr hockey games on Craigslist. i figured I would tell you in case you know of anyone looking for one or two.


  20. Edward says:

    I’m downsizing and my cousin might be interested in my old Bobby Orr set and tin men (mine is the brown-sided one). If he doesn’t want it, I’d be interested in selling it to someone interested. It is incomplete (no longer has the black box score tracker and puck dropper) and is well used but still plays pretty well. Going from memory, I have the main playing surface (in pretty good shape), rods (some knobs gone, a few rods a bit warped but fixable), original plexiglass (1 intact, 1 glued back together), one stubby table leg missing, a regular puck and a metal bearing puck, and at least two team sets of players, maybe four. I had ten but I haven’t seen them in ages, probably gone, included a Golden Seals team!

  21. jeff says:

    I have the orr from picture #4, except yellow ends.i have the clock but am missing the white plastic arms that suspend it, any leads on where I could get one. thanks

  22. Gary says:

    Thanks for writing in Jeff. Your best bet is Ebay. I would try to find an incomplete game that happens to have the part you are looking for and hopefully you can win it for cheap money.

  23. Cheri says:

    I have the one from the first picture minus the scoreboard. It has the legs. It’s not in the greatest condition, as the pictures of the men are worn off.

  24. Steve G says:

    Oh I love your Orr game photos. Ive had every one of them, but Ive kept the one with the side console AND left a full overhead arch on it with flags just for show.
    You you guys are enjoying the Game Room Hockey game!
    Steve G- Springfield

  25. Gary says:

    Thanks Steve. Love the game! Brings back a lot of memories.

  26. Alvin says:

    I have the Bobby Orr Gold Series complete with legs, score board, eight teams, two roller pucks, and “real action rebound sides” all in very good condition – it was exclusive to Woodwards. I am downsizing and I am interested in selling it.

  27. Craig Linzy says:

    I love your collection. My dad is suffering with cancer, he is limited to certain activities so I’m looking for the game displayed in your second picture. It is the exact one I had as a kid. My dad and I played for hours. Do you know where I can find that game?

    Thank you,
    Va Beach, Va.

  28. Gary says:

    Thanks Craig. Wishing your dad all the best. Ebay is the best place to find that game. They come up every once in a while. Search for “Bobby Orr Table Hockey Game”. You will eventually see one. There are also other types of games that are just as good to play. If you just do a search on “table hockey games”, you’ll find a lot listed.

  29. drew eagen says:

    players choice at 470 cawston ave in kelowna has one. ph# 250-862-2737. email: the owner’s name is Dean. I don’t know how much he wants for it. I saw it there yesterday the 16th of sept, 2014.

  30. Trevor says:

    I own one of these tables and the players I have are from Boston (Naturally), New York, and Vancouver. I am wondering if there are other players from different teams, and if there is a list of those somewhere?

  31. Gary says:

    Hi Trevor. I know there are players from Montreal, Chicago, Detroit and Toronto. I think there are other teams too, but I don’t have a list. Your best bet is to look on Ebay.

  32. paul says:

    i actually had a set like this it was Boston and Rangers with an automatic puck dropper on the side of the boards that could be moved around and the puck dropped through the overhead scoreboard onto center ice , Also the scoreboard contained alot more flags with pro as well as college teams like nyu the score board team names came in both pro and college names too. I just cant remember if it was also bobby orr hockey or not

  33. Ainsley says:

    I have a 70’s Bobby Orr table hockey game that has never been played, still in the box.
    How would I find a buyer for this? I’m in Toronto, Canada.

  34. Gary says:

    Best bet is Ebay or a local sports card show.

  35. Dave Millar says:

    To Ainsley
    I live in Hamilton, Ontario, and would be interested in buying if the price is reasonable. contact me through Facebook and I’ll give you my phone number. When checking you’ll see me with a Ticat Helmet on and my Grandson with a yellow Ticat helmet. Hope to hear from you.

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