Reading with Bobby Orr Part II

Hope you all enjoyed last weeks look at books featuring Bobby Orr on the cover that specifically were about him and other books that were more about the Bruins as a team.

This week in part II, I’ll show you even more books with Orr on the cover that focus on the NHL as a whole.


This first set of books is pretty self-explanatory (as are all of the books shown actually). They all focus on various players in the NHL.


The second and third book here focuse more on teams.


This group is more about NHL records and statistics.


These six books are guides to the various upcoming seasons and have information about every team and their respective players.


This is an oddball collection featuring a quiz book, Stanley Cup recaps and hockey question and answer book.


Lastly, these should have been included with last week’s post. The Goal is a retelling of the events of the play by the people involved in it. And no collection is complete without a children’s book. This one is about a father sharing his love of the Bruins and Bobby Orr with his son. A damn fine read if you ask me.

That all for this week. Hope you take the time to find some of these and read about the amazing Bobby Orr and other great NHL players in general.

Check back next week for some more vintage Bobby Orr items.

2 Responses to “Reading with Bobby Orr Part II”

  1. The Goog says:

    Number Four Bobby Orr does look like a fun book.

  2. Gary says:

    We’ll have story time and I’ll read it to you.

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