Birthdays, Flea Markets and Bobby Orr

Do you know what’s really nice? Friends who know about my collection and find or give things to me. Doesn’t even matter if I already have the item or not. Just the fact that they are looking for me is greatly appreciated.

In the past few weeks I’ve gotten some Orr items from friends for my birthday and some from a trip to the flea market. Let’s start with the birthday swag.


My friends Elise and The Goog (a frequent commenter on here for which I say thanks) gave me this paperback copy of Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad Bruins for my Bday. Now Elise said that she wasn’t sure if I already had it but she couldn’t resist the title. I was honest and said that I did have it, but this copy is actually in nicer condition that the one I have so it’s an upgrade for me. Perfect. I’ll most likely donate my other copy to my local library. Win for everybody. It’s nice to have great friends.

Speaking of great friends, check this out.


My good friend Bob made this custom Orr McFarlane figure for me. It features Bobby in his 1970 East All-Star jersey. How awesome is this!


Perfect right down to his name on the back of the jersey.

Bob has done a number of custom Orr’s for me in the past and more are coming.  Stay tuned for a future post on them.

Now let’s talk flea markets. Every summer I venture up to New Hampshire a handful of times with Bob and his fiancee Erin to a great flea market that spans two large fields. You never know what you’ll find there.

Unfortunately I couldn’t go last weekend, but they were up there and Bob picked up a few items for me.

Here are the first two.


Hockey Stars of 1971 and the Nabisco First Goal comic. I actually already have both, but for the price, which I’ll tell you later, I couldn’t pass up. I should say that Bob called me before buying them to make sure that I wanted them.

Those were two nice items, but the next item was the find of the day.


Here we have a Papa Gino’s pizza plastic cup. I’ll get to why it’s the find of the day in a minute.


The back looks perfect. This cup is pretty minty.

The reason why I’m so excited about this is because I didn’t have it. I only had the other Papa Gino’s Orr cup as shown here.


The previous cup is one that I’ve been looking for for awhile. I know other Orr collectors who have it, but I’ve never seen it at any shows or on Ebay. Bob described it to me over the phone and I knew it was the one I needed. You can imagine how excited I was. As far as I’m concerned it’s the best flea market find ever.

Now for the best part. Total cost of the cup and two books? $8. A total score if you ask me.

Thanks to everyone for my Orr goodies and thanks to all of you for reading this week. See you next Sunday.

9 Responses to “Birthdays, Flea Markets and Bobby Orr”

  1. The Goog says:

    Wow, nice score indeed! I am really looking forward to this weekend’s trip!

  2. theiceman says:

    always admired the action photo of Orr and the Big Bad Bruins book, either the photographer was on the ice behind the net or Detroit had camera holes in the back boards to allow these great shots.
    Nice score on the Small Head cup, looks brand new

  3. Gary says:

    I’m looking forward to it also. Thanks again for the book!

  4. Gary says:

    I agree with you about the photo. It’s one of the best shots of him that I’ve ever seen. I’m psyched to finally have that cup. I’ve wanted it ever since I saw it in your collection.

  5. scifinds says:

    Nice score, specially the missing piece, WOW.

    So should I give you my list of stuff I am looking for?

  6. Gary says:

    Sure you can give me a list. I’d love to come across something you’re looking for just to see the look on your face when I give it to you.

  7. Trudene says:

    Hi Gary – interesting to see the Papa Gino cup as ran across the menu
    amongst our items when getting your stuff ready to send.

  8. Gary says:

    I’m curious as to which cup you found, the one that was bought at the flea market with the smaller size head or the one I previously had with the larger head.

  9. shaydene says:

    anyone interested in a Bobby Orr signed hockey puck!!!

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