Bobby Orr on Display

I recently got an email from the guys at Sportsworld in Saugus informing me of a Bobby Orr item that they just got in that I might be interested in. Usually when I get these messages I end up with another Orr collectible.

The item in question is unique in that it goes along with another Orr piece of memorabilia that I already own. In fact, it also goes along with some specific Bruins players items.

Before I show you the piece, here are the items that belong to it.


Here we have the Bobby Orr Hockey Heroes stand up. Mine is still in the original shrink wrap. There’s a little stand in the bottom right corner that Bobby would go in.

These were produced for a handful of NHL teams in 1975 by the Carton-Craft Corp in Buffalo. Each team had anywhere from 5 – 7 players represented. Here are some of the other Bruins that I have.


Here we have Jean Ratelle, Brad Park and Gerry Cheevers. Other Bruins in the set that I’m missing are Terry O’Reilly, Gregg Sheppard and Andre Sarvard. I’m not sure how they chose which players to make. Personally I would have rather seen a Wayne Cashman or John Bucyk instead of Sarvard.

Now here comes the unique item I was talking about that goes along with these stand-ups.


This is the display box that they go in. As you can see, this was specifically designed for the Bruins stand-ups. In the top corner both Orr and Park are shown along with O’Reilly, Sheppard and Sarvard.

This is definitely a piece that you don’t see everyday and it’s a nice companion to the stand-ups. Advertising or display pieces of Orr are some of my favorite items to collect because they’re not the traditional Bobby Orr collectible that you often see.

One other thing to add this week if you’ll so indulge me. Nicklas Lidstrom of the Red Wings won his 7th Norris Trophy this week, which ties him with Doug Harvey and puts him one behind Orr’s record. Against my better judgement, I went on the ESPN message boards to see what people were saying about it. As usual, they were ranking the greatest defensemen of all time. A good number of people were saying that Lidstrom is better than Orr and that Orr played in a lesser era against inferior players. Some even said that Orr couldn’t even come close to Lidstrom as a player. Now I realize that each generation has their own opinions and that I’m obviously biased toward Orr, but I got to tell you, I was getting angrier and angrier as I kept reading. I even responded to a few of the posts. Lesson learned: Don’t read message boards ever again. Any opinions on the subject please leave a comment. Thanks for letting me rant.

Thanks as always for reading this week. Hope you all have a happy and save 4th of July and be sure to come back next Sunday!

10 Responses to “Bobby Orr on Display”

  1. Danny says:

    Lidstrom compared to Orr. LOL
    Not even close and do not even go there,
    In my opinion you could not even compare Gretzky with Orr.
    This younger generation needs to read more books instead of pressing buttons all day.
    Bobby Orr was a complete player period, if he played any position he would of been a super star.
    Put 5 Bobby Orr’s on a team against any other player and that team would loose all the time.
    He also played at 150% all the time.

  2. Gary says:

    Well said Danny. I agree with you 100%.

  3. The Goog says:

    Yeah, I used to visit some Stephen King forums. The things I’d read…well, I had to stop reading all together. It was too much.

    Always remember, Don’t Feed The Trolls.

  4. Gary says:

    Great advice The Goog. They seem happy when I’m angry.

  5. scifinds says:

    The box is cool, I love weird stuff like that. Think about it, how many of those could even still exist at this point? Now all you have to do is complete the set of players, what a display that would make.

  6. Gary says:

    I’m guessing not alot are still around at this point. It’s funny, I could have completed the players years ago, but never did. Now I have a reason too.

  7. Tim65 says:

    Perfect collection wow! One seller in ebay have the 12″ Orr from factory prototype, is rare realy or not! Best wishes to all.

  8. Gary says:

    Thanks Tim! I saw that on Ebay. I’ll be watching it for sure.

  9. Matt says:

    I have the Terry O’Reilly, Gregg Sheppard and Andre Sarvard standee’s – all in perfect condition and still wrapped. I guess it’s a long shot since these posts are so old. But if you still don’t have them, I’m willing to sell. Let me know

  10. Gary says:

    Hi Matt. Thanks for the offer, but I already have the complete set still wrapped.

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