Bobby Orr and The Stanley Cup II

It really happened. The Boston Bruins won The Stanley Cup. I’m still a little stunned by it all. I’m not old enough to remember them winning in 1972, so this was an amazing experience. I was lucky enough to go to game 3 and can honestly say it was the greatest sporting event I’ve ever been to.

This week has to be about the Cup again. I pulled out some items from the 1970 and 1972 teams that I don’t think I’ve shown on here before. Hope you enjoy.

We’re going to start first with some newspapers, because anyone who has ever read this blog knows that I love to collect old papers.



These first two are from the Record American and are from the Bruins 1972 victory over the New York Rangers. The top photo is actually a 12 page souveneir section that came with the paper.




These three were from the 1970 Cup victory over St. Louis. The top is the Record American. Middle is a page from the Boston Globe and the bottom as you can see is the Montreal Journal.

I should point out here that I have the complete newspapers from both the Globe and Record American for two or three days after the Bruins won the Cup both years. They’re great to go through because not only do they document the series, but also the parade after. I’m just showing you a few random pages here.

Next is some souveniers that I don’t believe I’ve shown here before.



Here we have two beer cans from 1970 and 1972. Made by Carling, they contained 12 fluid ounces. Must have tasted great back in the day.


This pennant is from 1972 I believe. I’ve had most of the guys on the 70 and 72 teams sign it. I still need Orr however. I’ll have to send it in to his company to get it signed.

Finally is something unique.


This is a 2 foot tall replica of the Stanley Cup. My family got this for me for Christmas last year. I absolutely love this. If you look closely, you can see some signatures on it. I’m getting this signed by as many members of the 70 and 72 teams as I can. So far I have Johnny McKenzie, Derek Sanderson and Ken Hodge. Don Marcotte will be on it next week.

Some people have already asked me if I’m going to get the current Bruins players on it now that they have won. The answer to that is no. This cup is reserved for the older guys.

Thanks for reading this week. I want to wish all the Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day. I hope you and your son’s and daughter’s enjoyed the Bruins Cup win.

One last note. Today (June 19th) happens to be my birthday. My friend Garth is well aware of my Bobby Orr obsession (as are all my friends). Well Garth is a pretty talented artist and he drew this for me.


Pretty clever how he used the Oreo (another love of mine) as a puck. Thanks again Garth!

See you all next week.

6 Responses to “Bobby Orr and The Stanley Cup II”

  1. theiceman says:

    Happy Bithday Gary…Garth is a good friend and a very good artist.
    I never thought I would live to see another Bruins Cup. Boston is the greatest Sports Town ever!

  2. Gary says:

    Thanks Bob! I’m still in disbelief that they actually won. All 4 major teams have won a championship within the last 7 years. No other city with 4 teams had even come close to that. Pretty amazing stuff.

  3. the other sasquatch says:

    Garth that is tremendous – happy birthday Gary

  4. scifinds says:

    Have you ever seen the cans you showed here with the beer still in them?

  5. Gary says:

    I seem to remember seeing a full can either on Ebay or a card show once. I’m perfectly fine with mine being open.

  6. The Goog says:

    Black Label Lager? The black label makes it classy!

    I was admiring Garth’s marker work this past weekend just before you showed up. Great pic!

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