Get Your Orr Souvenirs Here!

As I’ve said repeatedly in past posts, I’ve made some new friends because of this blog and they happen to be major Orr collectors. This week’s post comes to you courtesy of one of them, Danny from Toronto. You might remember me talking about Danny not too long ago in this post,

Danny knows his Orr collectibles, and he sent along this for me to talk about this week.

Gary 001

Here we have a Bobby Orr souvenir pack that was sold at the old Bruins Pro Shop in the Boston Garden.

Gary (2)

Here is the pro shop’s brochure. I have fond memories of going into the shop every time I was lucky enough to get tickets to a game. The souvenirs they had were always amazing. After I started working in Boston in the early 90’s I would frequently make stops in the store while waiting for my train to depart from North Station. Of course after they tore the Garden down in 1997 they opened again in what is now the TD Garden. While that store had some impressive merchandise, it just doesn’t compare to the old place for me.

Danny says that he bought the pack unopened from the original owner at a show in Toronto in 1993. He carefully opened it up from the back so that he could slide the items out. Here’s what they look like.

Gary 002 

As I look at these items, I realize that I have most of them in my collection. However I bought them individually. The items are as follows:

  1. A sealed kit of Bruins illustrations featuring Orr, Mike Walton, Don Awrey and Dallas Smith
  2. Bruins coloring book
  3. One large and one mini team poster of the 1970 Stanley Cup team
  4. Bruins kid mascot pin
  5. Bob “Four Speed” Orr pin
  6. Two Bruins bumper stickers

Here’s a little better look at the Orr illustration.


 According to Danny, these packs were put together by the Souvenir shop to push old or slightly damaged merchandise out of the store near the end of the year. They sold cheaply, as the price tag was still on this one when Danny bought it. The price back then?  $2.69.

Danny also says that they would make them either team based or player based. This one just so happens to be based on Orr.

Individually, none of these items sell for big money. The illustrations would probably cost you the most money.

Thanks again to Danny for providing me with pictures of this unique item. Be sure to check back in next week for more great Bobby Orr items.

7 Responses to “Get Your Orr Souvenirs Here!”

  1. Dan says:

    Hey Gary, you are welcome.
    I really enjoy the story you ad behind what i told you about this package.
    It always makes it more fun to here it from your point of view.

    When i bought this souvenir package for some reason they put 2 of the same sealed kit of Bruins illustrations featuring Orr, Mike Walton, Don Awrey and Dallas Smith. I ended up selling that extra #3 Kit for 2/3 of what i paid for the entire cello. LOL

  2. Gary says:

    Glad you enjoyed it Danny. Sorry that I forgot to put the part about the extra illustration pack in the story. It’s great that you got the kit and was able to make money at the same time by selling the extra pack. Looking forward to more of your items and stories behind them in the future!

  3. scifinds says:

    Pretty sweet.

    What would you estimate the value to be on a set like this today? My guess is a bit more than the original $2.69 price tag.

  4. Gary says:

    Definitely more than $2.69. The pack of illustrations and the pin alone would probably sell together for at least $50 – $75.

  5. Dan says:

    In 1993 i paid $60 for that Cello Bag.
    Sold the Kit #3 color illustrations i had as a double for $40.
    So i have $20 into it.
    Today i think it would get about $75-$100 maybe more

  6. The Goog says:

    Wow, nice set. It’s always amazing to see something be around for so long and have been opened.

  7. Gary says:

    It is unusual I’ll give you that. Always nice to come across an item like that.

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