Cartoony Orr

One of the things I love about collecting Bobby Orr memorabilia is when I come across something that I’ve never seen before. What makes it even better is when the item(s) in question is something simple, say from a newspaper.

Newspaper articles and drawings are some of my favorite Orr items. I have scrapbooks and full sportspages that I’ve collected over the years that are like a time capsule to me.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to sort through a random collection of newspaper clippings from 1971, 1972 and 1973 and I managed to find a few Orr gems in the pile.


This is a page from the Boston Sunday Advertiser, October 10, 1971. The artist is Bob Coyne. Coyne was a well known sports cartoonist for several Boston papers over a 47 year career. He, along with Larry Johnson and Jim Dobbins (refer to this post to see some of Dobbins’ work¬†were all well known newspaper cartoonists of the era. Both Bobby and Phil Esposito are prominently featured as the NHL season is about to start and Coyne is predicting a Stanley Cup win for the Bruins (which is exactly what happened).


Next up is another Coyne piece. This is dated April 30, 1972, right before the Stanley Cup Finals against the New York Rangers. Besides Orr, Esposito is featured again along with John Bucyk, Gerry Cheevers, Eddie Westfall and the back of Derek Sanderson there at the bottom.


Here we have yet another Coyne drawing. From just after the Bruins won the cup, this May 21, 1972 drawing is already declaring Orr to be the next athlete of the decade. The page features a rundown of his career accomplishments up unto that point as well as a drawing of former Celtic Bill Russell’s head (of whom Coyne says should have been named athlete of the decade for the 60’s instead of Arnold Palmer).

These might not be the most exciting Orr collectibles, but they look great framed and the artwork is superb in my opinion.

Finally, there’s one more page I picked up that I want to show you. It’s not a cartoon of Orr, but I think it’s pretty great.


Here’s Bobby hawking B&M stews. In his own words: “7 cents. That’s what you’ll save now on any can of B&M Beef, Chicken or Lamb stew. I like the beef best, but I think they’re all really great. And that 7 cent save isn’t bad either.” Fantastic! Unfortunately, the coupon expired on June 30, 1972, so no savings for me.

Thanks again for stopping by this week. Hope you enjoyed these Orr items. Have a great week and be sure to come back next Sunday for more great Bobby Orr collectibles.

5 Responses to “Cartoony Orr”

  1. Scifinds says:

    Cool stuff for sure

  2. Gary says:

    Right you are Dave.

  3. The Goog says:

    I was going to mention that you should be sure the newsprint is on acid-free material if they are framed, but being a comic collector too, I’m sure you know that!

    I love looking at old news papers, not that I do it very often, but they are always interesting, especially for a medium that was not meant to last for more than a day.

  4. Gary says:

    I appreciate the reminder Goog and yes they are. I love old newspapers if for nothing more than they’re a window to the past. Damn that was deep.

  5. i was redoing the floor boards in a house built in the mid 1800’s, i found a boston sunday advertiser in there and it talks about the bruins and ottowa. just wondering if maybe u might know what it would be worth? any info on it helps thnx for your time.

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