The Selling of Bobby Orr

As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve made some new friends through this blog and some of them are Bobby Orr collectors like myself.

I’ve also said that there are alot of Orr items out there that I don’t have that some of my fellow Orr collectors own. One of those collectors was kind enough to share some of those collectibles back in November for this Blog

This week’s post features items from another friend and Orr collector, Danny from Toronto-Canada. Danny is one of the most knowledgeable Bobby Orr collectors that I have had the pleasure of knowing. He’s also one of the Senior Editors of the Vintage Hockey Collector price guide, which not only features Orr items, but vintage hockey memorabilia from 1910 – 1990. It’s a must own for any hockey collector.

Danny emailed a few weeks ago with a great idea for a post. So without further ado, here’s what he had for me.

hockey stock 001

Here we have the Official Bobby Orr Fan Club Kit. If you were a hockey fan in the early 1970’s, chances are you were a fan club member.

Here’s what a membership got you.

orr 2

An official membership card. This is the front and back of the card and it was inserted on the front window of the large mailer of the fan club kit, always showing the address side so it would go to the Fan owner.

hockey stock 004

A Fan Club certificate, color photo, a subscription to Bobby spORRts monthly newsletters and most important the official Bobby Orr Fan Club Gift catalog with a small mailer in which you would send your Cash or Money order in to order your gifts.

Here’s a closer look at all the gifts.

orr 3

orr 4

orr 5

The gift catalog is the most important item in my opinion. Back then it was an easy way to get Orr items. Today it’s an invaluable reference guide for an Orr collector like myself.

Some of the items shown in the catalog I have featured previously in this blog. Item #13, the cloth calendar was featured in my very first post and also in this one

Item #32, the watch can be seen here Finally, check out this post for item # 40.

Now, as far as the rest of the items in the catalog go, some are very common, others are very rare and some Danny thinks were never actually produced but replaced with a similar type or item .

A few examples of the very rare are item #1o, the poncho raincoat. Another Orr collector I know reports having seen this once a long time ago. I have personally seen #15, the pillowcase, many years ago and foolishly didn’t buy it because someone had written on it “Bobby’s Laundry”. I haven’t seen it since and regret not buying it anyways. Also add items #35 – 38 to that list. The jewelry is very rare.

A few examples of ones thought to be never made are #’s 3 and 4, the bath towel and beach bag and #28, the plastic cube bank. If anyone has seen these items please drop me a line and let me know.

I have some of the other more common items in the catalog and will be featuring them in future blogs.

One other thing that you may have noticed was that the catalog also features merchandise from the Orr – Walton Summer Camp, which for a collector like me is valuable reference material because although I have a few of those items, there are others I’m still searching for.

Also Danny did say he had 10 different SpORRts news letters that are from February 73′ (First issue), March, April, May, June, July, August, September, November and March 74′. We are not sure if these are complete and if there are some missing. If anyone has different ones please let us know the other month’s.  

Thanks for reading this week and special thanks to Danny who provided me with the pictures for this post as well as his knowledge on the items that were discussed.

Have a great week and hope you all come back next Sunday for more great Bobby Orr memorabilia.




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  1. Dan says:

    Hey Gary it was a pleasure doing this Blog with you.
    Well done !!
    I will definitely do some more subjects with you in the future.

  2. terry the bushpg says:

    great to see the co-operation and collaboration in the orr collecting cadre! i also enjoy seeing those elusive oddball things from fine collectors such as you gary, danny and bob. love the blog and the sense of community that it brings- keep up the great work!

  3. Gary says:

    The pleasure was all mine Danny. Thanks again! Looking forward to more collaborations!

  4. Gary says:

    Thanks Terry! Hope you also got to see last weeks post which was about our chance meeting with Rick Smith at the Orr statue.

  5. theiceman says:

    the prices seem to have been a bit cheaper back then, I paid 350.00 for the watch still in the box.

  6. Gary says:

    $350! I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you real cheap. Just kidding. It’s amazing to compare the prices back then to what they are now not just on Orr items but things in general. I actually think you got a steal for that price and it still being in the box.

  7. John says:

    Hello Gary,First i’d like to say i love your web page,I to am a huge Orr fan,and collector.I found you site a few months ago,and now visit back every week.It is geat suff you post,some i have and other are still on my wish list,anyway just wanted to say hello to a fellow Orr fan.As for this weeks post it’s very cool to see the whole kit as it came in the mail.I know i hade one as a kid,but over the years it must have been lost over time,or thrown out ,what a shame.I have been lucky to pick up some of the fan club items over the last few years the catlelog ,and a fan club certificate that still had the name space still blank.I am alway looking to add to my collection,any tips would be great,also i do have one of thoses Bruins lamps,with the copper bands around the wood base.I to thought it was a homemade peice,until i saw that you had one to.Your site has been very helpful to me as well as informing,keep up the great work,and $350.00 for the watch still in the box its high but i would love to have one even at that price.Thanks John P.S. dont mind my spelling

  8. scifinds says:

    I was surprised to see that the catalog didn’t have drool stains on it Gary.

    What is the #1 item you would like to get from the list if you could?


  9. Gary says:

    Hi John, thanks for reading every week and your comment. I hope you’ll leave more comments in the future. It’s always great to hear from another Orr fan. Thanks for saying that you have the Bruins lamp. If I can ever figure out who made it I’ll let you know. As far as collecting goes, Ebay has been a great source of Orr items for me over the years, but I’ve also made friends with some local sports memorabilia store owners as well as dealers who primarily set up tables at card shows. They all know that I collect Orr and Bruins items in general. Many times when they get something in they’ll set it aside and call me to come look at it to see if I have any interest. I always say to let people know what you collect because you never know what they might come across. I have friends who call me now when they’re out and see something that I might want because they all know about my collection. As far as the watch at $350, Orr items always seem to sell at a premium, especially when there are so many collectors out there. I know I’ve paid more than I wanted to at times on some items, especially on Ebay, because I know I’m bidding against fellow Orr collectors. If I really want the piece though, I don’t mind paying a little more. I’ll set a price in my head and that’ll be it. That being said, you can find deals out there, especially at card shows where some dealers are willing to negotiate on prices. Thanks again for reading and looking forward to hearing from you again!

  10. Gary says:

    Well if the catalog was mine it probably would, but it belongs to my friend Danny who was the co-author of this post. As far as an item, that’s tough. I’d have to say in order:
    1. Pillow Case (#15)
    2. Poncho (#10)
    3. Bath towel (Don’t think it exists however) (#3)
    4. Gym Bag (#25)

    All would be amazing items to add to my collection.

  11. The Goog says:

    Wow, very cool. I have often wondered if items like this are still around, when reading older comics you see ads for superhero coins and odd toys and things that I have never actually seen outside of the catalog. It’s nice to know that some of these things are actually out there…but then again, I guess the Bobby Orr fan club catalog is more reliable than an ad in a comic book. But it gives me hope that I’ll come across that Commemorative Spider-Man Collector’s Coin one of these days.

  12. Dan says:

    Hey guys here are some Fan club items on Ebay right now.
    Newsletters at $20 each or B.O. and the mailer for the gifts at $4.
    Newsletters are pricey and mailer is cheap but marked.
    Hey it’s a start, even if you don’t bid on these auctions do have a look at the photos to see close ups.

    Ebay #’s 280612865301 350179854234 250391917023 250391917003

  13. Gary says:

    I hope you find that coin Goog. You’ll have to show me what it looks like so I know in case I ever come across it at a show sometime.

  14. Gary says:

    Thanks for the heads up Danny!

  15. David PO says:


    I am a long time fan of Bobby and joined the Bobby Orr Fan club back in 72-73. I grew up in the Philadelphia area, but refused to support the Flyers (Broad Street Bullies), even when they won the Cup back in ‘74 and ‘75.
    I currently live in the Boston area, and a couple years ago I won a bid on a goalie stick signed by 21 members of the 1991 Bruins team…(most of the better players). Can you give me an idea of the value for insurance purposes, or in case I want to sell it at a later date.

    Thank you for your expertise.


  16. Gary says:

    Hi David,
    Thanks for reading my blog. Value depends on a lot of things. Is the stick game used? Are the signatures clear or faded etc… The best names on the stick would be Bourque, Neely and Oates. Your best bet is to take it to a sports memorabilia store and have them look at it. I would say however that it’s worth at least $300 and possibly more depending on the things that I mentioned.

  17. dennis says:

    Just a note Re: a ” the goal ” woodburned pic… any Orr fans that would like a chance of winning a woodburned picture of Bobby some tickets are still available. It’s a fundraising raffle for our ball team, and it is the ONLY “the goal ” pic I will do. Its #’d 1/1 signed ( lol ) by artist, and tix are available til Sept. 4, 2012 draw date. Any interested parties can contact me, Dennis, at ( Oshawa, Canada ) 416 919-9263 Oh… also available in the same draw are woodburned Dale Earnhardt, Darryl Sittler, (lol ) Johnny Depp ( as jack sparrow ) and Justin Bieber ( and LOL for the record the last 2 were in the girls interest )

  18. ken kalte says:

    i have a picture of bobby orr when he was 19yrs old
    he is sitting on a cement fence with a young lady
    this picture was sent to me when i was about 10 yrs old
    by the young lady sitting with bobby
    i met her at a camp in britt ont. on summer vacation
    she said to watch for bobby he was going to be a great hockey player
    and that her and him were friends
    would this picture be of value .
    unfortunately i do not know the name of the young lady any more
    if you could help it would be much appreciated

  19. Gary says:

    Hi Ken. I’m sure the picture would be of some interest to Orr collectors. I really don’t know what the value would be. It could sell anywhere from $10 – $50.

  20. joe says:

    I still have the Bobby Orr hockey puck from the fan club “gold embossed” Bobby Orr face & stamped signature. I’d love to acquire some of the old Fan Club memorabilia & get him to sign the hockey puck.

    Members of the fan club also received an autographed color picture of Bobby Orr & Ken Hodge but I no longer have them

  21. Gary says:

    Hey Joe. Orr does private signings through his company, Great North Road. Look on Ebay for fan club memorabilia. Stuff pops up from time to time.

  22. joe says:

    Thanks Gary, I’m aware of his website but he charges $100.00 for his autograph.

    The puck is the only piece of fan club memorabilia I have left.

  23. The more I sit here thinking of the greatest hockey player ever lived. I would like to tell you my story. One day I saw this pawn shop and decided to go and look around. While I was walking I came across this canvases. I said hmmm let’s see what this is all about, and they all where on clothes hangers. First one I come across is a Batman in colour, then there it was sitting on a hanger Bobby Orr rookie . I thought I was going to fall down. Than I said they must be very expensive. I bought 3 canvases, Batman , and Bobby Orr (rookie), and this black and white Bobby Orr ,which is the one I really wanted. So the lady say’s to me she doesn’t know how much they are because they belong to her cousin and I would have to come back another day. A month went by from calling her back and forth , finally she said okay I have a price for you . My heart started to pound away ,saying to myself this is going to cost me big time. She says $30.00 each makes it $90.00 for the 3 of them. I didn`t have enough on me so I ask my common -law wife if she could pass me some money. Bingo they where mine. The black and white one was signed Glen Green. The same artist who done the Olympic coins. I do believe I own 4 Bobby Orrs on canvas`. I watch this man play hockey like no other to me he was the best and still is the best. On Oct 4th,2014 I happen to come across that black and white on a site and it was priced at $9,500.00.I also have a coloured one of him and a unsigned cockpit with Bobby Orr with Phil Esposito also black and white. None of my canvases are autographed by the man himself. Thank you for hearing my story. Ron

  24. Hello fellow Orr fans . My name is Ron and I came across some cool canvas items with Bobby Orr , and 1 with Bobby and Phil Esposito in a plane cockpit. I think this item is a rare piece. I also have 3 other pieces with just bobby on them . Due to my situation I have to sale some which I hate to do. I was raise watching Bobby Orr and Bobby Hull. If anyone is interested in purchasing one please contact me . 250-495-0778

  25. Ron LaFountaine says:

    Hello. I’m trying to sell an Autographed Hat. Not just Bobby Orr. But 3 other players from 1970’s..The hat was signed at Bay Bank where my friends sister worked as Manager. I’m asking$100. If anyone is interested. Please send me an E-mail. Thank you for reading..

  26. Frameworth is proud to announce we have formed an autograph agreement with Bobby Orr and Great North Road to exclusively distribute their line of licensed Orr memorabilia and solely handle Bobby’s private autograph signings in Canada.

    We are happy to announce a private signing we are hosting with Bobby Orr. We allow send-ins and pre orders of item. Visit our website or email for more information.

    Thanks for reading

  27. Laurel Adam says:

    I have a autographed Bobby Orr pillow case in mint condition. Are you interested?

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